C. B.

I have known Jennifer Stuckey for almost 7 years. I first got to know her when we both worked on our sons' preschool fundraiser. Jennifer's enthusiasm and team spirit were instantly apparent- she was willing and able to help with almost anything. Whenever she took on a task, she had it done almost instantly. I never had to worry about whether she'd complete something she promised- she has impeccable follow-through. I particularly appreciated how thorough, thoughtful, and dependable she was no matter what she agreed to do. She would be great as your Realtor®! I also have always really enjoyed Jennifer as a person- whether we were working together or hanging out with friends. She brings fun and energy to meetings and gatherings alike. She is loyal, giving, and talented. I trust her professionalism to take care of your housing needs!

Lindsey H.

Thank you, Jennifer Stuckey, for helping us sell our home and purchase another! Although stressful at times, given lack of control re: certain events (I.e.- Covid, Closing dates, finding a house and then choosing another, etc) you always remained available and positive. Thanks for using great marketing tools- magazines, mailers, and social media to spread the word about our home being for sale. With only two showings our high-end home sold. Even though we were difficult at times (mostly my husband), we appreciate your hard work and dedication to always doing what’s right (even when you didn’t have to) and for getting the job done x 2. Also, thanks for the lovely closing gift- the picture will remain a staple piece in our new home!

A. W.

I have had the pleasure to work with Jennifer Stuckey on a number of fundraising endeavors in the BVSD school district and with the cooperative preschool that our children attended. Jennifer is incredibly goal-focused and efficient. Her attention to detail allowed us to maximize the amount of money brought in to support the learning environment. I have no doubt that Jennifer will work tirelessly to ensure that her clients will find the home of their dreams!

J. B.

Thank you for sending me the marketing report. You are educating me about houses in this area. I was going to send you a "heads up" on that Irving property but you are already on top of it. You have shown me you are a real estate professional.

Richard J.

Jennifer is very attentive and knowledgeable. Working with her has been easy. Jen goes above and beyond to keep clients top of mind and assure the best possible outcome for all.

Work With Jennifer

Selling your house and moving is stressful in itself. But what often gets overlooked are all of the extra tasks that can take up your time and disrupt your schedule throughout the selling process! That is why I like to offer an additional concierge-style service to make your life that much easier.

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