DW and RW

Jennifer, Thank you for selling Mabel's house for R. We appreciate all your hard work and time you put in it to sell. Thanks for the chocolate liquors too. That was very nice of you! Take care, D and R.

K. E.

Jennifer is amazing! She is so personable and on top of EVERYTHING! She makes sure everyone and everything is done correctly. She really cares about us and wants to make sure we are happy with our home. Thank you for everything 😊

A. M.

Jennifer is beyond kind, detailed, and I am positive all clients are fortunate to work with her when buying or selling their home!

K. E.

Jennifer and I have stayed in contact over the last four years. I was finally ready to purchase a home so I reached out to her She found exactly what I wanted in a home and made sure the whole process was smooth! She checked in everyday and made sure everything was taken care of She was personable with my family and I could not have asked for a better realtor! She is now a close friend that I hope to keep in contact with for a lifetime. Thank you so much Jennifer 😊

C. B.

I have known Jennifer Stuckey for almost 7 years. I first got to know her when we both worked on our sons' preschool fundraiser. Jennifer's enthusiasm and team spirit were instantly apparent- she was willing and able to help with almost anything. Whenever she took on a task, she had it done almost instantly. I never had to worry about whether she'd complete something she promised- she has impeccable follow-through. I particularly appreciated how thorough, thoughtful, and dependable she was no matter what she agreed to do. She would be great as your Realtor®! I also have always really enjoyed Jennifer as a person- whether we were working together or hanging out with friends. She brings fun and energy to meetings and gatherings alike. She is loyal, giving, and talented. I trust her professionalism to take care of your housing needs!

My phone rang one September night. The voice on the other end said “Jennifer, you have been marketing to our house. We would like you to come to list our house. Our House address is XXX.” This listing was in Westminster, a Single Family Home. As I always do, I drove to the house and delivered a pre-listing package in person the day before my appointment. This house had been on the market listed with another realtor for over 2 years, but the house never sold. When I toured the house, I saw several unique qualities. However, the photos from the previous realtor failed to make the house’s best features stand out online. The owners said they would like me to stage the house, re-take the photos and help them sell their house. They said they were disappointed and discouraged by lack of communication and guidance from the realtor they had hired before. They signed the listing agreement with me right away and that gave me the right to start to work for them. Three items that I discussed with the sellers are: professionally clean their house; paint the house; declutter their children’s rooms. The owners opted to professionally clean their house and declutter their children’s rooms.  
Here are what I provide in my marketing plan for sellers.
Staging: I am a certified home stager too. I re-purpose their existing furniture without asking the owners to spend extra money. Stage to sell is my belief!
Professional photos: Both interior and exterior photos taken by a superior photography company (not the brokerage), video walk through, 3D Matterport, Aerial photos and Twilight photos.
Professional printed material: I also have printed material professionally made for the house. I also mail out about 200 Open house postcards, Coming Soon postcards, and Just Listing postcards. 
Yard sign: The yard sign has a QR code attached and a TEXT To rider. 
Result: Over 30 showings in less than 30 days. The neighbors who came to visit the open houses commented on how beautiful the photos and printed materials are. The house received an offer right away but the seller and buyer were not able to come to agreement on the terms and conditions. The beginning of the pandemic brought a pause in real estate market activities for about two months. Even so, the house sold right after the pandemic restrictions were lifted. It was about 4 months after initially listing with me that the sellers received an offer that they were pleased with. I also negotiated an extra $11,000 for the sellers. 
Additional Marketing Service: I promise my clients that I am available during the transaction. I kept my word. I showed the house to potential buyers; dropped shoe covers and material off at the house; supervised the house cleaners and window cleaning crew when the sellers were unavailable; communicated with the sellers almost daily; forwarded feedback to the sellers after showings; and even helped the sellers to sell some of their antique furniture online. I even spent one Sunday afternoon to help my seller to clean their hard wood floor on all 4s because no cleaning crew was willing to show up on a Sunday and a showing was scheduled the next morning.
Advice that I give to my clients is based on what will help my clients receive the highest realistic price when they sell their houses.
Working with Jenstuckeyhome can benefit sellers not only to sell their house successfully but also to reduce stress during the transactions.
Price is one obvious area on the contract to negotiate over. There are four other areas that need an expert negotiator to achieve the best results for your clients’ interests. Here are two examples of the two areas that I want to share with you. 
Positioning your house to the market well not only helps your house attract buyers and also can help you to get to the closing table on time. Every listing that I take, I prepare a detailed comparative market analysis. This comparative market analysis is an important skill that takes training with appraisers and an experienced mentor. Online computer-based estimates do not account for any updates, upgraded features, or other improvements that have been added to the house. The comparative market analysis is important not only to benefit the house to position it competitively but also helps buyers’ mortgage underwriting so sellers can close on their house sales. If a buyer’s financial appraisal does not match their contract offer price, then either the sellers will have to reduce the price or else the buyer will need to come up with extra money or the sale fail. When I get calls from appraisers to meet about my listing, I always prepare a professional folder for the appraisers that includes sold listings of comparable properties that I use for suggesting the home price. The folder includes a list of updates and upgrades provided by the seller. This list also helps the appraisers gain a full picture of the home’s value beyond simple factors such as square footage. I have also gotten calls from my clients to help them to prepare appraisal packages for their refinance. 
Inspection items can be tiresome to Sellers too. Because inspectors are not licensed by the State of Colorado, there are a variety of qualities when it comes to inspection services. A good listing realtor will help sellers navigate through the inspection report instead of letting the sellers figure out what they need to do. I have helped several sellers not fix anything because the items are not major health and safety concerns. And as a result, the sellers saved more money for their pocket. I also have addressed concerns about the roof replacement and helped the seller find a licensed roofer to get the roof replaced and inspected again right on time for closing. 
There are more details about how negotiation skills are important in the house buying and selling transactions. When you are looking for a professional realtor to help you, look for one with Real Estate Negotiation Expert (National Realtor Association endorsed) and Certified Negotiation Expert designations to be sure you have a trusted advisor to go through the real estate journey with you.
Houses are a major investment for most homeowners, and one of the services I provide to homeowners is to give them an up to date market report. One homeowner contacted me through his friend who received my market report in Westminster. My clients wanted to upgrade their single family home so they can have some extra outdoor spaces for their children. The house they lived in at the time had beautiful hard wood floors, updated kitchen, entertainment home theater; and an in-ground pool which is a rare amenity for Colorado. 
Staging: minimum for this house because the owners kept their house well. 
Professional photographer: Professional photos, aerial photos, 3D Matterport, and video walk through. Professional printed material: Custom made and delivered to the house. 
Results: After the 2nd showing, I received the phone call from the buyer’s realtor. They would like to make a full offer of this house. This was before the hot housing market we just went though. The sellers were excited because they received the highest realistic price of their house. They also were surprised at how fast their house sold. This house also received a full priced back up offer. A skilled realtor knows how to market the house’s best feature to attract buyers both online and in person.
Therefore, working with Jenstuckeyhome can reduce the time the house sits on the market. I can help you get your house sold in the least amount of time so you can walk away with the maximum money you are happy with.

Work With Jennifer

Selling your house and moving is stressful in itself. But what often gets overlooked are all of the extra tasks that can take up your time and disrupt your schedule throughout the selling process! That is why I like to offer an additional concierge-style service to make your life that much easier.

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