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Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) Designation

  • Jennifer Stuckey
  • 05/17/24

Does Your Realtor®️ Have an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) Designation?

Westminter Realtor®️ Jennifer Stuckey recently obtained the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) designation from the National Association of Realtors. Jennifer is passionate about helping buyers, especially first-time home buyers. It is always so nice to see first-time buyers stop paying someone else’s mortgage. Not every realtor is the same; not every home buying journey is the same, regardless of whether it is your first home or it is your fifth house that you purchase.

This ABR designation helps realtors®️ to re-shape their skills and enhance their ability to help you in any real estate market condition.

What Jennifer Stuckey Does Different as Your Realtor®️

Jennifer is not only an expert in helping someone sell or buy their home in Westminster; she goes above and beyond to offer her clients the best value and best client experience during their real estate journey. 

Here are 12 things Jennifer does differently for her buyers:

  1. Buyer strategy session - About 15 minutes before looking at houses, Jennifer sits down with her clients to discuss a variety of questions so she can better understand their goals and ideal home. 

  2. Marketing: She has marketing materials to help find off-market properties for her clients, whether as door knocking or direct mailing.

  3. Off market: Jennifer networks with her fellow realtors who may have listings that fit your ideal home so that you can find it before it hits the market.

  4. Comparable market analysis: Before you make an offer, Jennifer will prepare a comparable market analysis for the property you love to ensure you are not wasting hundreds of dollars on an appraisal on a house that cannot meet your lender’s appraisal requirements.

  5. Save you money: Her buyers typically save anywhere between $1,000 and $15,000 when they buy a house with Jennifer.

  6. Winning offer: What if you do not want to overpay or get into a bidding war? No problem. Jennifer can help you buy your dream house at just the list price. One of her buyers’ offer was just at list price and they even had the contingency of having a house to sell. Even so, their offer was chosen, beating out two all cash offers. How did she do it? Terms and conditions can often be just as important as price.

  7. Negotiation: Jennifer is a Master Certified Negotiation Expert. This means she will negotiate for your inspection, terms, price, and even an art piece/furniture that you love to come with the house. One of her buyers did exactly that and, through her negotiations, got a painting they fell in love with at the showing included in the purchase agreement with the Seller.

  8. Executive summary with the offer: There are bullet points in her correspondence with the listing agent about the offer. These bullet points highlight the strengths of your offer to the seller.

  9. Communications: Jennifer always call the listing agent before submitting an offer to build a rapport with the listing agent and to create a win-win relationship from the beginning. This also helps make your offer strong and stand-out.

  10. Resources: Jennifer has trusted lender partners, local roofer, mover, and inspector who can help your transaction. They are all local small business owners. She also have a resource support system in her office, title company, and everyone on the support team is there to help you buy this house.

  11. Saving you time, every time: The contract is 22 pages long. You have a life and a job you need to take care of. Sometimes reading through documents with legal terms may not work in your favor. Jennifer reads through the contract or other paperwork for you to point out the paragraphs or sections you need to pay attention to first. Then you can read through the rest when you have time. Time is of the essence in the home buying transaction. Working with Jennifer can help you save unnecessarily wasted time.

  12. Track the paperwork: Jennifer is your transaction manager. There are several important dates when specific actions must happen before you can close on the house. She does not miss any deadlines nor do she allow other parties to miss them either. Jennifer will make sure you have loan documents, title commitment, HOA documentation, and even insurance paperwork to fulfill the contract dates and deadlines. This tracking of documents is important to make sure you are satisfied with the house you are buying and also help you gain an understanding of the neighborhood you are about to move into.

Work with Jennifer Stuckey 

Working with a master negotiator and Accredited Realtor®️like Jennifer Stuckey offers an unparalleled advantage in navigating the complex realm of property transactions. With her expertise, clients can expect not only favorable deals but also a smoother and more efficient process from start to finish. Jennifer's strategic approach, honed negotiation skills, and deep industry knowledge not only ensure the best possible outcomes but also instill confidence and peace of mind in her clients.

Whether buying or selling, partnering with Jennifer Stuckey means tapping into a wealth of experience and dedication, ultimately leading to successful transactions and fulfilling real estate experiences.

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Work With Jennifer

Selling your house and moving is stressful in itself. But what often gets overlooked are all of the extra tasks that can take up your time and disrupt your schedule throughout the selling process! As your luxury North Denver, CO real estate agent, I will provide additional concierge-style services to make your life that much easier, and differentiate myself from other agents.

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