A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Strategy to Sell Your Westminster Luxury Home

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Strategy to Sell Your Westminster Luxury Home

  • Jennifer Stuckey
  • 08/10/23

Westminster, Colorado, is a beautiful area, well-known for its easy access to the mountains and recreational wilderness as well as Denver's booming job market. In fact, Westminster is often categorized as a convenient suburb in Denver's metropolitan area. Across the Denver area, homes that sold in the first quarter of 2023 saw a median selling price of $636,100 — 73% higher than the U.S. median home price. This market is a popular destination for working professionals across almost every industry, and prospective homebuyers are looking for homes that grant them access to school districts, neighborhood amenities, and proximity to Westminster's iconic attractions.

Your house may be the perfect fit for a new Westminster resident or someone looking for a more luxurious home in their local area. Jennifer Stuckey is a local real estate expert who is here to help guide your real estate journey  so you can sell your home at the right price point and along the right timeline with minimal disruption and stress. Keep reading to learn more about our white-glove process that puts your preferences front and center.

It all starts with a conversation about what you want to see happen

Before your home goes on the market, there's a lot of strategic planning and marketing work to do first. That's why we always begin our process with strategic conversations. We'll discuss:
  • Your plans for the future, such as if you want to downsize to a smaller local home, move across the country, or simply divest an investment property you no longer want to hold.

  • Your constraints, such as a timeline for moving out of your home, the pricing that makes sense for your financial strategy and future, and additional considerations, such as selling your current home for the down payment on your next residence.

  • Current real estate trends in the Westminster, Colo., area. Our team will prepare an in-depth report about local market trends, the listing and sales prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood, and remodeling projects or upgrades that are popular or strategic for homes like yours.
Based on this conversation, we can model what your ideal offer would look like: the pricing details, a potential leaseback, the total timeline, and any other negotiable particulars. We can also create a marketing strategy to take the first steps toward matching your home with buyers with a matching budget and timeline.

We prepare your home for a top-tier marketing experience

The second step of the home-selling process involves making sure your home gives a great first impression to wow buyers on the market. For some homes, this could include remodeling and renovation projects that increase the sellability, selling price, or curb appeal of your home. The National Association of Realtors found a cost recovery of at least 100% for these popular projects:
  • Hardwood floor refinish (147%).
  • New wood flooring (118%).
  • Improved insulation (100%).
  • New roofing (100%).
  • Garage door (100%).
Other steps that can make your home picture-perfect include:
  • Deep cleaning, such as polishing banisters and power-washing driveways.
  • Staging your home with trendy and universal furnishing styles.
  • Having a professional photography service take interior and exterior photos of your home. Videos and advanced virtual tour media can also enhance the appeal of your listing.
These steps will make your home's listing on MLS and buyer-accessible platforms more attractive. Our team can also use the photographs, video, and details of your neighborhood and nearby amenities to create a custom website for your home and attract more buyers, coordinate showings, and streamline communications.

Your home's listing will be full of tempting details and your preferences

During the next stage of the sales process, your home's listing will go live. The listing includes all the details about your property, such as the images, specifications of your home, seller's disclosure documents, and any supporting documents about new renovations or appliances. Licensed real estate agents can access "coming soon" listings before they go live, making this profile a valuable marketing asset for generating interest in your home and shortening the amount of time on the market.

Your home's listing will also have the list price — the price you start negotiations with. Depending on your pricing strategy, this might be an opening salvo to start conversations or create a bidding war, or it might be the hard minimum of what you're willing to accept. Your listing can also include detailed preferences about the type of offer you want to receive; only real estate agents will see these instructions so they can guide their buyers.

We'll put your Westminster home on the market with fully managed open-house events

Once your listing goes live, there will be a buzz about your property. Our team will schedule open houses at your convenience and organize showings of your home so interested buyers can see the property in person. This is a valuable part of the process, and we'll represent you to strategically coordinate offers from buyers.

Get a strategic analysis of every offer made on your home

Between your home going on the market and you agreeing to an offer, you might receive several different offers. Your listing agent is your intermediary against other agents and buyers, so we can manage offer negotiations, questions about current offers, and other communications. We'll also present all of the offers to you and walk you through all of the strategic, logistical, and legal details of each one so you can accept an offer with confidence.

We stay at your side until the deal closes — and we can help you find your next home in the meantime

Securing an offer you're happy with and managing the entire home-selling process is part of our VIP approach, and that doesn't end once you accept an offer. Get continued support through:
  • Any amendments or continued negotiations during the options period.
  • Professional insights on managing funds, title requirements, and closing processes.
  • Tips on finding a new home, especially if you want to relocate within the Westminster or Denver area.

Enjoy the easiest home-selling experience in Westminster, Colo.'s luxury home market, with Jennifer Stuckey

Home selling is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process, even if you've sold your home before. Jennifer Stuckey is here to help every step of the way, from initial explorations of the pricing for homes for sale in Westminster, CO, through to navigating the luxury home market for your next property. Reach out today to schedule a meeting with Jennifer Stuckey.


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