The Best Restaurants in Boulder in 2023

The Best Restaurants in Boulder in 2023

  • Jennifer Stuckey
  • 04/3/23

There are many attractions that draw people to Boulder, Colorado, and great food is certainly one of them. It’s difficult to say what the best restaurants are because there are so many wonderful eateries throughout Boulder. The area has many restaurants offering unique menus, locally sourced food, and amazing scenery. Here’s a quick look at a few of the best restaurants in Boulder, spanning various culinary niches. This is an alphabetized list, so you can pick for yourself which of these best restaurants in Boulder takes the number one spot.

Blackbelly Market

Blackbelly Market combines a high-end deli with a great restaurant. Blackbelly sources its meats from local farms and ranches, including some just a few miles away from the restaurant. Entrees feature fine dining presentations of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and more. Blackbelly has menus for breakfast/lunch and dinner, as well as an excellent kid’s menu. They also do catering and events.

Black Cat Farm~Table~Bistro

Black Cat Farm~Table~Bistro is the kind of creative, hip, and genuinely good eatery that every Colorado restaurant aspires to be. Black Cat is a farm-to-table restaurant with a special twist: the restaurant has its own farm. Black Cat’s 425-acre farm provides organic produce, grains, and meats to the restaurant. As if that wasn’t enough, Black Cat then expertly crafts its raw ingredients into excellent meals with great presentation. For the freshest possible taste of Boulder cuisine, head over to Black Cat for a world-class farm-to-table meal.


Corrida is a high-end Boulder steakhouse inspired by Spanish cuisine. You can get a satisfying dinner entree or enjoy sophisticated tapas and brunch dishes, along with wine and spirits. For a unique winter fine-dining experience, check out Corrida’s Aspenglobes, the heated glass domes on the restaurant’s rooftop. Corrida is the perfect place for a fancy sit-down date or a lively group event.

Flagstaff House

Located atop Flagstaff Mountain, Flagstaff House is a popular Boulder restaurant that is loved not only for its excellent food but for its breathtaking views of nature. Numerous large windows allow natural light to come in, revealing the gorgeous mountain scenery surrounding the restaurant. The menu features a variety of fine-dining meals complemented by wine, cocktails, or beer. A great way to enjoy this restaurant is to try the optional four-course meal selection, which provides multiple dishes for a flat fee. Come to Flagstaff House when you’re ready to try something new and have a couple of drinks in a great atmosphere.

Frasca Food and Wine

Frasca Food and Wine serves Northern Italian cuisine along with wine, spirits, cocktails, and beer. Frasca’s menu features a variety of niche Northern Italian dishes, including several signature truffle preparations. Frasca is not the type of pasta and breadsticks Italian restaurant where you gorge on comfort foods; Frasca delivers a refined culinary style that will be entirely new to most guests. Reservations include the option to reserve the entire restaurant for an evening, making Frasca Food and Wine the perfect place for special occasions.

Little Tibet

Little Tibet offers a great lineup of widely popular dishes, along with a few that you may not have tried before. This unique Boulder eatery offers popular Indian foods such as curry and tikka masala as well as traditional Tibetan cuisine. This well-matched culinary combination has solidified Little Tibet’s reputation as a high-quality, one-of-a-kind Boulder restaurant. Dine in, take it to go, or try Little Tibet’s catering.

Oak at Fourteenth

If you want to enjoy a great meal without having to go somewhere else for great drinks, check out Oak at Fourteenth. They have a wine menu and a spirits menu that connoisseurs will appreciate, as well as a food and drink menu. Oak at Fourteenth serves a truly unique selection of dishes, from Korean Barbeque Pork Shoulder to Halibut Ceviche to Grilled Spanish Octopus. Those with a refined palate are sure to fall in love with Oak at Fourteenth.

River and Woods

Lots of cities have great food, but when you come to Boulder, you’re looking not only for great food but also for a certain aesthetic. River and Woods is a truly classic Boulder restaurant with a beautiful location as well as a tasty farm-to-table menu. River and Woods offers locally sourced American favorites like burgers and steak but also unusual selections such as their Montreal Duck Wings. Come with a good appetite so that you check out River and Woods’ appetizers, sides, and desserts, as well as their drink menu.

Spruce Farm & Fish

Spruce Farm & Fish is another great venue to enjoy fresh, locally sourced Boulder cuisine. With a great variety of entrees complete with a diverse drink selection and a kid’s menu, Spruce is a solid choice for dining out with the whole family. This restaurant runs the gambit between comfort food and fine dining, with burgers, steaks, chicken, salads, fish, and seafood. Come for brunch or dinner, and save room for dessert!

The Kitchen American Bistro

The Kitchen American Bistro offers a high-end version of some classic American dishes. This restaurant has excellently crafted and finely presented staple entrees such as steak, pork chops, and a variety of seafood. The Kitchen offers a downstairs dining area and an upstairs cocktail lounge. With brunch, lunch, dinner, and beverage menus, The Kitchen is sure to have something you’ll enjoy. This restaurant is cashless, so come prepared.

Find the best restaurants for yourself in Boulder, Colorado

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