Working with Jenstuckeyhome can help you win the house of your dream!

Working with Jenstuckeyhome can help you win the house of your dream!

  • Jennifer Stuckey
  • 12/7/22

The housing market is always changing, much the same as the stock market but less dramatic. A house may receive an acceptable offer within 2 hours after it is listed on the market or, in other cases, the same house could sit on the market for more than 2 months with minimum interest. As a real estate professional, I pay attention to real estate market trends daily so I can guide my clients through the real estate buying or selling process smoothly. 

One of my clients faced a few obstacles when they were looking for a replacement home. This affluent client was looking for a single-family home in the Westminster Colorado area. They saw everything on the market but nothing fit their needs. Did you know that one of the ways Jenstuckeyhome goes above and beyond for clients is to reach out to homeowners in the neighborhood that my clients prefer that are off the market? The reason I do this is to find out 1) if they are thinking of changing their lifestyle 2) if their house fits my client’s specific needs, and 3) if they are thinking of selling and are ok with an off-market sale. My marketing letters specify the needs of my clients with my personal touch to it.   

No matter the housing market conditions, multiple offer situations are always possible, even for luxury properties over $1 million. Here are a few methods I have used to help my clients win the home of their dreams in such transactions. 

  1. Communication: I picked up the phone and talked to the listing agent. Then I talked to my clients to let them know there were two other cash offers and explore options for their next moves. 
  2. Clean Contract: Despite my client being contingent upon the selling of their house offer, I drafted a clean and strong contract to help win over the sellers.
  3. Financial and other waivers: My client instructed me no escalation clause and only a full-price offer. The lender helped by picking up his phone and speaking with the listing agent. My clients gave me instructions to let the seller know that the house inspection is for information purposes only. They also offered a small financial incentive to help the sellers move.
  4. Negotiations: There are a lot of moving parts in residential real estate transactions, and even more parts as a buyer’s agent. Jenstuckeyhome likes to work together with her clients and other parties in the home-buying process to make sure buyers buy their dream houses while sellers move forward to their next life adventure.

Working with Jenstuckeyhome can help you buy the house that fits your family’s needs no matter if it is a competitive or balanced housing market.


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Selling your house and moving is stressful in itself. But what often gets overlooked are all of the extra tasks that can take up your time and disrupt your schedule throughout the selling process! As your luxury North Denver, CO real estate agent, I will provide additional concierge-style services to make your life that much easier, and differentiate myself from other agents.

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