Why Professionally Photographed Homes in Westminster CO Sell Faster

Why Professionally Photographed Homes in Westminster CO Sell Faster

  • Jennifer Stuckey
  • 05/26/23

In a world where everyone has become a photographer, thanks to the evolution of the almighty smartphone, one may wonder if hiring a professional photographer to capture your Westminster Co real estate listing is truly necessary. It may seem obvious to take your own photos and immediately list your property rather than waiting on a photographer. However, trying to do it yourself could cost you, according to industry experts. Listings with professional home photos sell 32 percent faster than homes without them.

You only get one first impression

Your online listing is your first opportunity to connect with potential buyers — and it’s extremely important. Eighty-seven percent of home buyers use the internet to view a property before they schedule a showing. They are already making decisions about your property, and you haven’t even met them yet. When your listing photos are high quality, you are more likely to have interested buyers eager to schedule a showing. The more prospective buyers who view your property, the more opportunities you have to sell — and often over your asking price.
At this point, you may be wondering, “What is their secret? What makes professional home photos superior?” Here are several reasons a professionally photographed home is more likely to sell.

It’s all about the angles

Think of a time when you had your picture taken by a professional photographer. You were likely instructed on exactly how to pose. You may have been told to tilt your chin up or turn your head slightly to the left. Armed with techniques to accentuate your best features, the photographer was able to bring out your best physical features that, with a few subtle tweaks, ultimately made a big difference.
Real estate photographers offer similar magic for your home. They understand architecture and know how to capture your home’s most flattering features. Using their skills and experience, real estate photographers can make your property look larger, lighter, and vibrant — all of which are essential when trying to garner buyer interest online.

The stage is set

Staging your home is vital if you are preparing to sell. You want buyers to imagine their everyday lives taking place in your home. If your kitchen table is cluttered with mail or your family photos are lining the mantle, it becomes difficult for buyers to see a future in your home, as it’s blatantly obvious you are already living there.
Professional real estate photographers have experience moving furniture and using props to create neutral but engaging environments that resonate with buyers. They know how to make a property feel homey without feeling like it belongs to someone else. Photographers can optimize your space and stage your home to attract buyer interest and increase both your online and in-person views.

There is value in the details

Photographers know how to capture a great picture from a technical standpoint. They understand the impact of lighting, the difference between each lens, and the resources available through editing. They have the technical know-how to compose photos that will stand out among the competition and create excitement about your property.

More content. Less time.

Hiring a real estate photographer means having an entire gallery of pictures at your disposal. This content is invaluable when it comes to preparing your listing. Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at photos of a property — a sharp increase from the 20% they use to read a listing’s description. This means that while you may have all-new appliances, updated cabinets, and a renovated bathroom, you are at risk of losing a sale if your pictures do not accurately portray these features.
Buyers also want to see your home in its entirety. The more photos you have available, the better off you are in terms of making a sale. Home listings with 20 or more high-quality photos spend an average of one month on the market, while listings with one photo spend approximately 70 days on the market.
Additionally, a professional photographer will not need nearly as much time as you would to take the necessary pictures. Real estate photographers are experts in the industry, and they can efficiently and effectively photograph a listing in half the time it would take you. Plus, you can use the photos they provide in more than just your listing. You can also use them for social media posts, flyers, or short videos to promote your home.

Using the right equipment matters

While smartphones have certainly come a long way in recent years, their cameras are still no match for the equipment used by professional photographers. A quality camera, different lenses, and additional lighting are important for capturing quality photos. These tools can help transform an ordinary home into something extraordinary, making it a must-see for interested buyers.

Worth the investment

Professional home photos are an investment you should consider when preparing to place your home on the market. They will help your listing stand out among the competition and ensure that you are putting your best foot forward in a competitive market. Using high-quality photos in your listing increases the perceived value of your home and captures the interest of potential buyers.
With so many distractions competing for people’s attention, it is essential that your photos draw buyers into your listing quickly and effectively. You want your buyer to see your home online and instantly be interested enough to view the full listing and schedule a showing. Hiring a professional real estate photographer is the key to garnering interest in your home and connecting with a buyer.

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